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                Key Technical Indexes for OTA Redstone's differential package size is only 1/10 to 1/3 of our competitors, but with higher differential efficiency 3 to 10 times our competitors.

                • OTA upgrade technology for functional internet of things

                  VendorRedstoneOtherDifferential packet sizeLess than 5% of ROMGreater than 15% of ROMResource occupation1.5M byte space occupying RAM during operationRunning needs greater than 3MUpgrade formatSupport

                • Differential package technology

                  As the most important technical indicator of OTA - differential packet technology.The differential packet size is 1/10 – 1/3 of the friend's bus

                • OTA upgrade technology for Android smart device

                  VendorRedstoneOtherSupport for telecom carrier standards and OMA protocolsOMA organization members, OMA client and full server end-to-end capabilitiesDoes not support OMA international standards, only

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