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                Internet of things

                Redstone has strong OTA technology and holds many invention patents and copyright related to OTA

                Key Technical Indexes for OTA Redstone's differential package size is only 1/10 to 1/3 of our competitors, but with higher differential efficiency 3 to 10 times our competitors.

                Zero user complaints about Redstone OTA upgrade, green and safe

                Vehicles matter a lot with lives all the time and safety must be the first priority. Our service covers 670 million devices of more than 5800 types in more than 226 countries and regions. So far, there is no complaint about Redstone which must be your most correct choice.

                Massive users
                Redstone provides the most professional customized solutions for many brand manufacturers for different business needs and application scenarios.

                Since its establishment in 2011, Redstone has successively reached cooperation with hundreds of domestic and overseas enterprises in many industries, including cellphone manufacturers, telecommunication operators, chipset companies, on-board and wearable industry and smart domestic electrics and so on. Redstone OTA has cumulatively served 670 million OTA terminal users in 226 countries. Redstone is the successful bidder for China Mobile Mobile and China Mobile Internet of Things OTA. Samsung, ARM, Panasonic, Spreadtrum, Lenovo, BYD, Chery OTA upgrade and Internet of Things platform technology

                Relevant news
                The era of internet of things that connect all things is coming.As a enterprise of IOT technology, Redstone has a heavy weight Internet of Things device cloud platform

                Over recent years, Redstone has achieved new breakthrough in ITO sector again and again and we are looking forward to cooperation with friends in more sectors, developing jointly IOT industry market, building smart cities and enhancing inter-connective capability among all things.


                Auto OTA

                Owning more than hundreds enterprise partners signing a contract with Redstone