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                Redstone car Function description of Redstone OTA business

                Redstone OTA takes a professional service team with high efficiency and timeliness as a core connecting backstage management of FOTA and client terminal of FOTA, providing safe, stable and fast smart cloud service.



                Intelligent automotive upgrade server-side OTA framework chart of Redstone



                OTA Intelligent upgrade process of Redstone

                1. OTA platfom receives approved software update information

                2. OTA platform poduces delta file based on file type and client-side capability

                3. OTA platform updates software and encapsulate it under instructions

                4. Customers can perform updates after receiving pompt, and plan specific update operations

                5. Client-side download updates

                6. Client-side re-construct original update contents from delta file

                7. Client-side records vehicle consitions, electronic contol unit update and eliminate DTC data

                8. Client-side produces a report and send it to OTA platfom


                Redstone OTA automotive upgrade safety guarantee

                There are a few test before, during and after upgrade, in order to ensure that the identity of Fota server is correct, integrity of update package files, legality of signing party and data accuracy.

                Specific verifications are as follows

                1.Identity verificationBefore downloading update package, identity of the server shall be authenticated based on TLS1.2 standard protocol, in order to ensure that the downloading server is not impersonated.

                2. Integrity verificationBefore update, MD5 integrity of upgrade package shall be verified, in order to ensure that the whole upgrade package suffers no loss during download.

                3. Signature verification of update packageBefore update, digital certificate signature of the package shall be verified, in order to ensure that the package comes from reliable FOTA server and the legality of source.

                4. Accuracy verificationAfter completing update, sha1 value in newly-produced file shall be compared with sha1 value of corresponding file in target version producing differential packages to see whether the values match each other, in order to data accuracy after update.


                Redstone mobile networking automotive platform

                • Remote control of vehicle by cellphone

                Start/stop engine remotely by cellphoneTurn on AC&heating remotely by cellphone

                Lock vehicle remotely by cellphone Looking for vehicle remotely by cellphone(light&horn)

                Open trunk remotely by cellphone Position a vehicle remotely by cellphone

                • Update auto software via OTA remotely with a cellphone

                Owner remotely controls main engine with a cellphone to download update software and

                autopilot algorithm.

                Update OS and ECU of engine, gearbox, centre console, digital instument pannel, T-BOX

                and hundreds of hadwares

                • Coordination of data of cellphone and auto software

                Enables the vehicle to share and use the strong mobile internet ecology of a cellphone and multiple sensor, owning data coordination cpability.

                Synchonizes music, navigtion data, driving habits and malfunction data in cellphone and vehicle machine (automatically transferred to automotive repair shop)

                Cellphone prompts gas-filling, maintenance, maifunction, automatically calls the police upon serious car collision and send the vehicles model and GPS coordinates to life-saving mechanism.