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                Product layout is as follows
                Product advantages
                in terms of technology, safety and user quantity.


                Redstone OTA has strong technical strength.
                Has a number of OTA related invention patents and copyrights


                Redstone OTA differential package advantage
                As the most important technical indicator of OTA - differential packet technology,
                The differential packet size is 1/10 C 1/3 of the friend's business.
                The differential efficiency is 3 to 10 times that of a friend.

                Equipment type
                Redstone upgrade package size
                Friends upgrade package size
                Art time
                smart watch
                Sugar cat
                smart watch
                smart wristband
                Shared bicycle


                Android smart device OTA upgrade technology comparison

                Support for telecom carrier standards and OMA protocols
                OMA organization members, OMA client and full server end-to-end capabilities
                Does not support OMA international standards, only supports proprietary protocols
                Intellectual property
                National invention patent, IPR global patent is risk free
                No patent protection, there is intellectual property risk
                Support multiple hardware platforms
                Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, MTK, Marvell, Lianxin, Samsung, Broadcom, etc.
                Limited platform support
                Strong server processing power
                Carrier-class server cluster
                Support 600 million equipment upgrades, covering 185 countries worldwide
                Telecom operator E2E success story
                Operator E2E Success Story: China Mobile Group and Korea Telecom
                No telecom carrier end-to-end case
                Extremely rich in functions
                Grayscale upgrade, flexible combination of multiple strategies, power-off protection, big data analysis, remote diagnosis, parallel upgrade, terminal UI open source, standard SDK, complete documentation
                Upgrade function is relatively simple
                High security
                Carrier-grade security, zero-user complaints
                An outbreak of security incident is being sued by overseas countries
                Google cooperation
                Google approved OTA service provider
                Strong customizable ability
                Support deep customization from OTA interface to server and function


                Comparison of Redstone Functional Internet of Things OTA Upgrade Technology

                Differential packet size
                Less than 5% of ROM
                Greater than 15% of ROM
                Resource occupation
                1.5M byte space occupying RAM during operation
                Running needs greater than 3M
                Upgrade format
                Support for BIN partitioning and file system
                Only BIN partitions are supported
                resume from break-point 
                Download process interrupt point resume, able to support file system and BIN partition
                Only BIN partitions are supported
                Breakpoint protection
                Power-off protection during upgrade
                not support
                Differential tool
                Online automatic differential tool, login to create difference
                Need to send a package, then return to the differential package
                OTA background service
                Provide a complete client + server solution
                Some manufacturers do not provide
                Download method
                1 device independent download via GPRS, wifi
                2 After the mobile phone download is completed, it is transmitted via Bluetooth
                3 serial port transmission upgrade package solution
                Only support device independent download, or download module is not provided


                Redstone OTA upgrade
                0 user complaints green security


                Redstone has been established since 2011,
                Has been with domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers, operators,
                Chip company, car,
                Wear, smart home appliances and other industries
                More than 220 companies have reached a cooperation,
                And provide Redstone's DM/OTA solution to partners.