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                FOTA upgrade range support

                All Android versions of FOTA upgrade

                FOTA upgrade for all chip vendors

                FOTA upgrade to meet various product forms

                (The product form of the Android system,

                including but not limited to:

                Mobile phones, watches, bracelets,

                Car rearview mirror, TV, pad,

                Robots, healthy blood glucose meters, smart lights,

                Telephone box, projector, camera)


                Flexible protocol solution support

                OMA DM version protocol

                Redstone Optimization Agreement

                Customized protocol support


                FOTA customized product support

                Redstone FOTA product support

                Involving all aspects of the FOTA process,

                Business client customization, upgrade process customization,

                Upgrade mode customization, management background function customization,

                A customized product solution that satisfies each customer's processes.


                FOTA service globalization support

                Redstone FOTA service architecture adopts high-expansion clustering.

                Global deployment ensures users

                Unlimited increase in device concurrency and download concurrency.

                Globalized CDN acceleration technology,

                Guarantee the concurrent download speed of upgrade packages on regional equipment in countries around the world.


                FOTA service support

                The Redstone FOTA service includes the project phase:

                Technical solutions, customized development,

                Adaptation support, technical support,

                Project maintenance operation and maintenance support, etc.